Another take on the Basecamp debacle: an apparent backlash to the so-called “techlash”

Software company Basecamp created a self-made controversy when co-Founder and CEO Jason Fried published a “Changes at Basecamp” memo on April 26, declaring “no more societal or political discussions” at work, “no more paternalistic benefits”, “no more committees” and other “no more” decrees.

A conversation with two attorneys leading the charge to defend victims of online harms

Who bears responsibility for the real-world consequences of technology? In the wake of the recent congressional “Big Tech” hearing and President Trump’s Executive Order attempting to strip Facebook and Twitter of their legal protections, the debates around defining social media accountability and how and if the government should regulate social media companies are heating up.

With these questions in mind, I invited Carrie Goldberg and Peter Romer-Friedman, two attorneys who have taken on some of the biggest cases on behalf of victims of online harms, to discuss the current state of play and help our Betaworks community of entrepreneurs think…

When the public uses the government as a punching bag, who will be left to fight for you?

I don’t envy the choice so many of my former national security and foreign policy colleagues are facing of whether to continue serving under a Trump administration. Had Hillary Clinton won, many on the other side would undoubtedly wrestle with the same question: can I continue to serve when this person is my Commander in Chief?

I entered the intelligence community on November 6, 2000. Bill Clinton was still our President, and during my first month, nobody knew if Gore or Bush would be next, thanks to the Florida debacle. As a social liberal, I felt dazed by the 2000…

Yael Eisenstat

Tackling the intersection of tech, policy & society. Fighting for democracy. Future of Democracy Fellow at Berggruen Institute. More at

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